Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Creative Vision of Steve Jobs

Blessings to Steve Jobs on his transition, and for giving mankind such amazing tools for advancement during our lifetime. Let's hope humanity continues to use them in the positive way that they were intended.  In 20 years it will be interesting to look back at our individual and collective choices, creativity, actions and behavior.  What will we have done with what he left us?  Let's hope it's something great!

The photo above was taken in the Louvre; Paris, France September 14, 2011.  The Apple Store juxtaposed against the inverted Pyramid in the basement of the building.  A great work of art? ...yes, Apple definitely belongs in the Louvre and Steve Jobs in the art history books.

~ diane fergurson

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Sylvie said...

Great post Diane! Thank you for sharing ... I feel sad : the world will miss this brilliant visionary man and yes , what will we do with the legacy he has left us? I hope: a better world flourishing with beauty! I like you picture!

Sylvie (dreamkaravan on Etsy)

Diane Fergurson said...

I feel sad too... Glad you liked the post Sylvie.


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