Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thinking About Color

                                                     The scarlet flames with passion,
                                                     The crimson rays with lust,
                                                     The green-blue glows with reason
                                                     While murky blue distrust.
                                                     The violet-blue for healing,
                                                     The cerise of soul spells might.
                                                     Orange-yellow is soothing,
                                                     While all the colors spell white.
                                                     Now white is the symbol of purity and age,
                                                     Precious reward for saint and sage;
                                                     The inner light in hours of rest,
                                                     Color insignia, the best!

From "Color and Personality" by Audrey Kargere
Painting:  Connecting Heaving and Earth:  Adjusting Center by Diane Fergurson

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