Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mind Body Spirit Odyssey 2010 Holiday Gift Picks

In the other blog that I maintain and co-author with Nellie Levine, The Mind Body Spirit Odyssey, we have just published our first annual Holiday Gift Guide.  These selections are spiritual/metaphysical in nature.  If you are interested and get a chance, take a look.  Some of the products are handmade from independent artisans.  Others items are not new necessarily to the marketplace...but touched our interest in some way this year.

The Mind Body Spirit Odyssey was the blog portion originally attached to the Mind Body Spirit Marketplace that was located on 1000 Markets before they sold to Bonanza.  After that happened, we continue to showcase products from sellers on our FaceBook page, and are still growing strong!
If you are unfamiliar with us, check us out on the blog and on Facebook.

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