Wednesday, August 25, 2010

With a Snap of the Camera

I decided last month...during the ump-teenth heat wave we've had this start working on some jewelry for the fall and winter.  Cloistered away in my studio, I ended up making quite a few earrings.  New designs, using vintage beads that I had procured from my mother's bag of broken necklaces.  (she's 85 and I remember the necklaces when I was a you can do the math).

Although I usually don't jump at beaded earrings, I was very pleased at the way the pieces turned out.  Beads were manufactured totally different way-back-then (50-60 yrs).  The colors were more vibrant and rich.  Better dyes I suppose.  Also the ceramic beads that are glazed and fired were heavier and more substantial.

I went to photograph some of the earrings last night.  Of course my camera battery was died, so I had to re-charge it and wait until this morning to continue.  The camera clicked by accident...  When I downloaded the pictures on to my computer (I don't preview them), this was my surprise shot!
Some of my new earrings...looking out my studio window.  Were they remembering their past?  Or gazing out...looking forward to their life and homes?

New work should be up within the next few days.
Enjoy your day!


Indira said...

I Love what you have done with them. The beads and the earrings are beautiful.

Diane Fergurson said...

thanks Indira!


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