Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mystic Monsters: New Art Installation by Pat Aulisio and Adam Fergurson

Saturday night was the opening of Adam Fergurson and
Pat Aulisio's collaborative show, "Mystic Monsters", at the Pterodactyl Gallery Space in Philadelphia.  The show will run from July 17th to August 13th.

Word of mouth has been going strong about this show, and rumor has it that it is up to be designated one of Philly City Paper's must see Art Picks.  The show is a combination of individual work, large collaborative college pieces and an installation.  (Update:  Show review in the Philadelphia City Paper

  Both Adam and Pat graduated from University of the Arts in Philadelphia.  Adam is an active exhibiting fine artist whose work revolves around painting, sculpture and site installations.   Pat is an illustrator who has concentrated his efforts in Comics.  Pat's work has been published 5 times this year already and he is actively involved with the Philadelphia Alternative Comic Con.

When I asked Adam to explain the idea behind this show, he said that the best way to think of it is "Spiritual Vomit".  Tons of mass market cultural images, ideas and situations that people are fed, forced to digest.  After awhile humanity has enough... and throws it up!  In the show this idea is reflected through reconstructed appropriated advertising, and also in the gallery BP installation that stretches out and around the perimeter of the show.

Adam and Pat's installation is a poignant commentary on the BP Oil Spill.  Over 100 VHS video tapes were disassembled and the tape stretched throughout the show to simulate an "oil spill".  This was then combined with illustrations of sick and distressed fish, and other sea creatures.  For those who may not be aware video tapes are a petroleum based product.

Everyone seemed to have a great time at the opening.  People were engaged with the art, lovin the dj....and trying to keep cool in the 100 degree summer heat!  A great mix of artist & musicians (some well known), activists, students and observers...  A good time was had by all.  Philly does it again for the arts!
....Pics were taken while setting up for the opening...

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