Monday, June 28, 2010

Fashion: Brooklyn Style and Etsy

Although I wasn't planning on it, I somehow found myself in Brooklyn over the weekend on Saturday, late in the day at the Art Museum watching a Fashion Show.  "Brooklyn Style" was an all day event which culminated in a live Fashion Showcase.  To my surprise, it was co-sponsored by Etsy.  The show featured designers who are featured sellers on etsy, established national designers from Brooklyn with commercial labels, and also graduates from Pratt's Fashion program (whose work blew everyone else out of the water in my opinion).

The crowd was young and vibrant.  International, well as families with young kids.  I also spotted some established designers sitting on edge of the steps taking it all in.  They will probably, without a doubt, spit it right back out eventually into some new and exciting garment idea.

The artist Olek was featured in the event and had spent the afternoon working on an interactive fiber project.  Red, white and blue clothing was contributed by participants for the artist to transform into a wearable work of art that was raffled off.  Olek was running around in a head to toe crochet outfit.....looking like a snake (and had to be baking alive inside)...  Definitely an interesting twist to the event.
What did I take away from observing this event?  That people who design for, sell through, and buy from etsy are giving Brooklyn, New York City and the rest of the world a peek into the future.  You can search for trends the world over...but so much of it is starting right there, in good ole Brooklyn.
At the flea markets, on the street, in the schools.  It has an edge, sets retail trends, and it doesn't stand still for a minute.

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