Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter and Hot Cross Buns

I love to cook and one of my favorite sites online is BBC's "Good Food". Easter will be here tomorrow and when I clicked on the Good Food site this morning,  I saw their feature on Hot Cross Buns.  It took me back to when my kids were little.  I baked these every year for my family and also always made sure the elderly couple down the street had a basket full.  Back then, as I'm sure many young mothers can relate to, my kids were up and going strong by 5:30 am....every morning!  No wonder I had so much time to bake!  The buns in this photo look "exactly" like the ones I use to make. 
Enjoy the recipe (you'll have to convert it)...and to all those who celebrate Easter, enjoy your day!

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Recreating Wonderland said...

Those look sooo good! Im new to your blog, as well as a fellow etsian and blogger! Nice to meet you.


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