Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Three Studio Assistants...One With Halo


It's not unusual for an artist to have pets who accompany them daily while they work in their studio. My three little studio pug assistants, Princess, Buddy and Kevin, all came to our family as rescue pets.

Princess (on the left) was referred to us through our family's vet. She was in a home with a family who loved her very much, but they also had a large breed dog who she did not get along with. (Princess can be very bossy) After being stitched up several times, not eating and not wanting to come out of her crate anymore, the family decided that maybe she would be happier in another household. Princess is now 11, we've had her for the last 9 years. She rules the roost...and still manages to follow my every step.

Kevin (on the right) has been with our family since December. He was found living on the streets, taken to a shelter, and was about the be put down before a Pug Rescue group was notified. They took him out of the facility and put him up for adoption. I found Kevin (aka Jake) on (Pug Planet Rescue). He is around 3 yrs old. When we got him he had to have major, major dental surgery ...7 or 8 teeth removed. He's fine now though...has adjusted great (and loves to eat). The little dog with the big bark is also a very loving little guy.

My precious little friend who inspired this blog post, with his Elizabethan "Halo", is named Buddy (aka Weenie). He came to us a little over a year ago through Rawhide Rescue in New Jersey. The situation that Buddy came from was so hideous that I don't even care to write about it. The state ended up pressing against the person he was rescued from. Buddy was in such bad shape that when Marylou, the rescue worker, found him....she kept him, worked with him and loved him for over a year just to get him readjusted enough (and back to health) so that he could be adopted into a foster family.

Buddy is wearing his Elizabethan Collar because he had to have eye surgery this week. I was very, very upset about this, because if there was ever an animal who did not need any more pain in his life, it's Buddy. Buddy has distorted vision in one of his eyes (from an early injury) and we think he ran into a stick or bush out in the yard that punctured his eye. The surgery Buddy had is referred to as "button surgery" because the Vet actually sews the middle eyelid shut so that that the eye can rest and heal. An actual button is attached to the upper eye (the stitches loop through it) so that the pressure is relieved.
Buddy looks so pitiful....and at the same time I can't help but wonder about all the peculiar little stuffed, one eyed animals that I see on the handmade sites all the time. Were any of those inspired by an actual hurt pet or "button surgery"? Kind of makes you wonder about what inspires "cute"....doesn't it?

Buddy is recovering nicely. He seems to be in no pain and he just loves to jam that collar into the back of my legs for added attention. Having me feed him by hand is a big plus in his book too! What a little stinker.

If anyone is thinking about getting a pet, please consider adoption if your living circumstances can accommodate it. So many pets need a home...and after over 25 years of having pugs and a variety of other adopted pets...I can honestly say that there are none as loving as a rescue, because they really appreciate having a good home.


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